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Celebrating International Women's Day - March 8

Written by Trends


Posted on March 07 2014

Know her better, love her more and appreciate her for what she has done. That's the way we thought we would celebrate this Women's Day.

Join us to let every woman know that she means the world to us.

We take this opportunity to share a few inspirational stories of women who have spread love and joy to the world around them.

Wish you a very Happy Women's Day


Deepa Dahal

It’s one thing to do things out of compulsion and another to do them out of love. That’s what this pretty lady believes in, or so to say, has proved it.

Mrs Deepa Dahal, working with one of the top firms globally, she has well managed her family and work life. Being blessed with a dotting husband and a toddler of 2 yrs, for Deepa, it was a challenge to handle both her lives simultaneously. Considering work pressure, giving time at home and staying connected to both her lives at the same time was a task. But like they say love conquers all, so has she with the love for her job and hard work. Deepa Dahal

Deepa’s job demands a lot of time and also for her to look presentable at all the time. So looking good isn’t a choice but a necessity. And that’s where her love for Sarees comes in.  She says “I am an EA professionally and we EAs need to look a lot formal and dignified in our dressings. Saree is the best attire a working woman can wear. I attend all my meetings, customer visits wearing Saree that gives a good impression about our culture, moreover I am a big time Saree lover. I wear Sarees frequently and carry them so well.”

Deepa says it is great to be a woman. It gives so much opportunity to test your abilities, push your limits and bring out the winner in you. With every task that comes in your way, you just learn how strong you are. She prides in being a mother, a wife, a daughter and pulling off her duties perfectly. And that’s where she feels lies the importance of celebrating Women’s Day “Everyday we women are so occupied in our multitasking world that we forget that we are the most wonderful creation of God. It’s this day that reminds us that we need to make ourselves feel special.”

Deepa’s message to all women: “Hello all you beautiful women, this Women’s Day take a resolution to spend 30 minutes every day for yourself. To pamper yourself and to do something that you like. Love yourself, love your style and more than anything, respect yourself. Be proud of things that you do, things that you have done, coz nobody can do what you can.”

Deepa is a perfect example of an achiever, a believer and a winner.


Deep Bedi

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” ― Brigham Young

Deep BediWith 23 years in the education profession, Deep Bedi still continues to spread the light of knowledge on every student she comes across. Deep is a principal with a senior secondary school and a single parent to her two daughters.

Deep is not just responsible for her two daughters, but a lot of other kids at her school as well. It’s a bit of a challenge to balance both her family as well as her profession. Being a mother and an educationist, Deep feels she needs to have a firm and positive balance on both the fronts. It’s a bigger challenge for her to make sure that none of them suffers. With her ability to handle any situation tactfully, she has very well managed both.

No matter what life offers, good or bad but you have to sail through. That’s the way of life. For Deep, her education, her parents and her daughters are her strength. They are the ones who make life easy for her.

She is a hard worker, a perfectionist, commitment oriented individual, good learner and a person with strong ethics.

She loves Sarees and feels its the most elegant attire. Her choice varies as per the occasions.

Deep believes women are strong, stronger than anyone else. Though being emotional they can fight the whole word if they decide to. 

Deep’s message to all women: Women, you are the epitome of tenderness, care and wisdom. You can do almost anything you set your mind at.

“You can climb the highest peak and swim the deepest oceans, You can face adversity and still walk dauntless, You are strong, beautiful, compassionate and much more than words can say.”


Glory John

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Mahatma Gandhi

Glory John

Glory John. Her life in every manner reflects a woman with a strong will to overcome obstacles. And this very well shows in her achievements at home and work.

Being appointed as an accountant in her first placement, Glory moved up the ladder to become an H.R Manager. With a work experience of 24 years, Glory still feels she has a lot more to achieve.

She not just proved her mettle at work but at home as well.

A mother to two beautiful girls, Glory feels her daughters make her proud. Although being a single parent and a working professional, she managed to give enough time to her family and tending to all of their need. She made sure that her daughters got the best in their life. She enjoys taking up challenges. It makes her realize her potential.

She has a passion for Sarees, rather from her childhood. She feels a woman is God’s special creation, blessed with a strong will and the ability to handle any situation.

So often we forget of our duties towards our society. At times they aren’t even in our to-do list. But for Glory, her free time is dedicated towards taking care of children, old and sick.  

I am sure along with her daughters and a lot of other people, we all pride in knowing this beautiful lady and the things that she does.

Glory’s message to all women: “Be Proud to be a Woman, be courageous and face challenges boldly. Do not let yourself down in front of others. Have a strong willpower. Explore your talents and skills and be successful in your life.”

A humble human being, a responsible citizen and a great mother


Lakshmi N

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory”    --George. S. Patton

For Lakshmi it isn’t just a quote but her Funda for life. This powerhouse of energy has left no stone unturned in taking care of her family and giving her best at work.

We have seen the concept of joint families depleting  day by day, but out of the few families that still believe in staying together, Lakshmi’s is one of them. It comprises of her parents in-laws, brother-in law, niece, son and her husband. 

The greatest challenge that Lakshmi faces is in being a mother and a father to her son as her husband is employed out of the city. Along with this, Lakshmi is a loving daughter taking care of her parents who live in the same city as well.

That’s not all. Lakshmi works as a Sr. HR with an MNC. It sounds like a busy, busy life that she lives. With a whole lot of responsibilities at home and at work, her attitude of never giving up, patience, and perseverance has helped her sail smoothly through all of it. 

She believes god has made woman a multitasking personality. He has blessed woman with so many elements that she can well manage everything and overcome any obstacle. Her love for Sarees is undying. Lakshmi says, “We Indians have a got a wonderful attire, Saree. I love cotton, silk, Supernet Sarees (particularly  Sarees that are stiff and makes you feel confident.

Lakshmi’s message to all women: : Never think you are  incapable of handling or doing anything new, and never compare or be jealous of other women. Try and take the good things from others and reach greater heights. 


Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen

How often do we meet people who pride in being what they are? The ones who love themselves and the things that they do? 

Lets meet Mrs. Sushmita Sen, a loving grandmother, a dutiful wife, a doting mother a great cook and the list just doesn’t seem to end. Sushmita believes in herself. She likes doing things that she enjoys, and what can prove this more than taking your passion as your profession.

She has always loved traveling, seeing and appreciating this beautiful world of the creator. And that’s what she thought would be the best profession suitable for her. Working with a renowned travel company, she has balanced her work and professional life very well. She admits that life gets hectic with every passing day, but the ones who get through are the ones who enjoy this wonderful journey. She has an eye for beauty and takes great pleasure in decorating her house.

Cooking is also her forte. She says “the way of life is in doing things you like, being on your feet and living life to the fullest.” She further adds, “A woman is god’s best creation, and I am blessed to be one.” Sarees are her weakness. More than weakness, it’s her style statement to don crepe and chiffon Sarees.

Sushmita’s message to all women: Love yourself, be confident, bold and enjoy life. It’s now or never.

Full of life, a celebrity in herself, and a person who can make you feel life is beautiful. 



“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.” - Sheila Murray Bethel

Dr. Padmaja

Padmaja is a Doctor. She is an Anesthesiologist working in a corporate hospital. Being with one of the high risk and stressful jobs, the way she manages her domestic life is recommendable.

She has a small family comprising of her husband, who is a doctor and two sons out of which one is a doctor and the another an engineer. It’s an 8 to 5 job but for a Doctor, it’s a 24/7 duty. Dealing with different cases right from new born to organ transplantation, she faces a lot of emergencies and all throughout her support has been her family.

But when home, she is a perfect homemaker. She enjoys cooking, cleaning and even gardening.

Who can understand a doctor better than a doctor? Padmaja says, “I do my dual roles perfectly. I would love to give the full credit to my husband and children. I have done all my professional courses after my marriage and had children in between.” It was her sheer determination and the support of her family that helped her achieve her goal."

She believes her strength lies in her self-confidence, positive thinking and her intense passion for work.

Padmaja loves wearing Sarees. She feels Sarees give an elegant and professional look. They enhance your beauty. She is an admirer of Vidya Balan and loves the kind of Sarees the actress dons.

For Padmaja, being a woman is special. A woman possesses healing touch and motherly affection. She has unnatural strength to handle difficult situations.

Padmaja’s message to all women: My message to my sisters- you have amazing skills, strength, & courage. The next generation is in your hands, bring them up carefully, make them first class citizens by teaching them to love & respect others and inculcate good habits in them.


Deepa Chavan

"The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege." ­­-Charles Kuralt

Deepa Chavan

Deepa is full of life. She believes every second has happiness in store for us. We can be sure that she has mastered the art of turning the negative into the positive. For her life is nothing but beautiful.

She consider her’s as a happy family. With a loving husband, a daughter and a naughty toddler. Like it’s said, a family that eats together, stays together. That’s so true for this lady. So closely connected to each other this family has a lot of things to share. Office stories contributed by Deepa and her husband, school stories by her daughter and her son’s complaints over been scolded by his grandma.

Deepa is employed with an MNC. Though work being a bit stressful she has learned that happiness lies in those small little things surrounding us and for her, it’s her group of friends at work. Their breakfast consist of not just food but a lot more fun. Sharing last evening’s recipes, family talks, funny things that their children say, and so on. Their chats, laughs and talks work more like a stress buster.

 At times we just forget to smile or laugh with the difficulties of life, Deepa has served as an inspiration today in teaching us to search for happiness more than worries.

She loves Sarees and feels it is the most elegant outfit to wear. For her, women are expected to do a lot of things but with the strength that they carry, they can overcome any obstacle in their way.

Deepa’s message to all women: “Everyday remind yourself that ‘YOU’ are the best.”


Suja Abraham

“A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”  - Mahatma Gandhi

Suja Abraham

And Suja has rightly proved it. “ Having come to Australia as a teenager myself and having learned to speak like a native, the things that identify me as an Indian are the way I look and the way I dress.” She mutters.

Suja was a dental practice manager who gave up her career for a bigger purpose; to take care of her children. She is a proud mother of a son and two daughters. Her life is busy with taking care of her husband, kids, extracurricular activities and domestic duties and balancing all this is the biggest challenge that she faces. She feels a housewife’s and a mother’s duties demand a lot and at times her professional life seemed much easier than her domestic life. But nevertheless, she has proved to be a responsible wife and mother, and she gives her credit to god. “My strength has been my faith in God and my ability to stand up for myself, whatever the situation.”

Its only a mother whose happiness lies in her children and nothing can ever beat that. It’s a beautiful thought that Suja has put across, she believes woman aren’t weak either physically or mentally. “It is their feminine physical appearance conveying gentleness, kindness, beauty and aesthetics. Women are mentally strong “ a rock on which a house is built.”

Though an NRI, Suja has the rich culture of India strongly inculcated in her and that brings along her love for sarees. She loves it as it displays the wonderful Indian culture. Its an attire that adds grace and elegance to anyone who dons it.

Suja’s msg to all women: Ladies, be happy for who you are, do the best you can, do not let anyone bring you down and find time for yourself - no one else is going to do that for you! Enjoy life being a daughter, wife, mother, in-law, sister, friend and even single, if you wish to remain so.


Sangita Kamat 

“Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore.” - Guru Nanak

Sangita Kamat

A teacher, a guru and the one who has the power to train minds to learn and reach their goals. Lets meet Ms. Sangita Kamat, a lecturer in mathematics, a mother and a wife. Sangita’s husband is the Director of Technical Education and her two sons are pursuing their studies.

Teaching comes with a whole lot of patience and the ability to understand every student. And Sangita possesses these qualities in abundance.

With 20 years in this profession, Sangita has made a whole lot of difference to a number of students and moulded their life. It isn’t easy as your success and failure is connected to the success and failure of the student.

For Sangita, it was a challenge to take care of her family and give her best at work. She feels life is never easy. Everyone has to go through their share of ups and down. But with an attitude of never giving up, you’ll always see light at the end of the tunnel. She is social, disciplined and doesn’t like injustice. A perfectionist by nature, Sangita loves teaching and is happy about the fact that her profession itself has taught her a lot. She loves Sarees and believes that they are apt for her profession.

Sangita feels women are the strength of the family and the society. Their tolerance, sincerity, selflessness and sacrifice has made them a wonderful creation of the almighty.

Sangita’s message to all women: “Take care while working, do not tolerate injustice, and stay healthy and safe. Be there for everyone who needs you.”


Vijetha S.V.

Vijetha S.V.

Be it towards her family or her profession, a woman never forgets her duties. She might come home all tired and stressed and yet head straight to the kitchen to cook. She might not be well herself but yet would make sure that everyone around her is good.

Let’s meet Vijetha. An administrator with an MNC, she is a wife, and a mother to a 14 year old son. Vijetha’s day is filled with a lot of duties to do. She says, “Since I am an administrator my work doesn’t get over with the office hours. I tend to work from home as well. It’s difficult when I reach home as for a working woman her chores at home continue till she is off to bed. It’s also difficult during my son’s exams as I can’t ask for a leave.

But Vijetha knows how to overcome such challenges pretty well. Her strength lies in her families’ support, her confidence to get things done, at home as well at work. Vijetha believes one should try his level best to deal with a situation and when you realize that some things are beyond you to handle, just leave them up to god.

Vijetha respects everything about the Indian culture, not to miss out on the Sarees. She says they possess grace and elegance in them.

Vijetha’s message to all women: A woman is so much at the same time. Being blessed with the ability to give birth, they should be respected. A woman should learn and prove her mettle in the society. 


Natyakalaimani Smt. Padmalaksshme Suresh

"To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking." — Unattributed

Natyakalaimani Smt. Padmalaksshme Suresh

Padmalaksshme’s achievements knows no bounds. A Bharatanatyam dancer, Founder and director of Padmalaya Dance School and foundation, Padmalaksshme spreads her art to every corner of the world through her dance performances. Reference Asia (A journal which publishes the achievers of different fields in Asia) has selected her bio-data to be published under the woman achiever in Art category for their present journal to be published shortly.

And yet there is no stopping her. Her energy is marvellous. Till date Padmalaksshme has 500 dance performances to her credit. However this hasn’t stopped her from being a lovely mother and a wife.

Although being occupied with her professional life, she makes sure that her family isn’t neglected. Padmalaksshme feels her greatest challenge is in balancing both her lives, as home and work both are her highest priorities. She adds, “I take classes mostly in the evening and that’s the time my children are back from school. So I have to make sure that everything that they need is in place.”

She believes the right way to overcome her challenges is to keep her domestic and profession miles apart and do her best in both the roles.

Her strength is her stable mind, confidence, perseverance and faith in god.

For her saree expresses the identity of an Indian woman. It’s the most beautiful attire that is described by the Veda,s as “Samudrika Lakshana” of a woman.

Padmalaksshme is proud to be a woman. She further adds that a woman is an epitome of love. For her every women is an achiever and should be respected and ackhowledged for the same.

Padmalaksshme s message to all women: Be self-confident, independent in thinking in your thoughts. Love all and overcome any hurdles that come in your way to success.


Swarna Prabha kar

I am learning all the time.  The tombstone will be my diploma.  ~Eartha Kitt

Swarna Prabha kar

Meet Swarna. A person who believes that learning is a lifelong process. For her, nothing absolutely nothing can ever come in the way of learning. That’s exactly where her strength lies, in the power of learning.

 A woman is a whole bunch of qualities put in together. She’s loving yet tough, emotional yet practical, weak yet strong, and so much more. But the thing that makes her special is the way she uses all these emotions at the right time with the right people. Swarna is a perfect example of a balanced woman. A woman who balances her family and work pretty well.

Swarna is employed with a media firm. Her home is a hub of engineers, with her two children being software engineers and her husband being civil engineer. It’s a sweet family that she is blessed with, comprising of her son, daughter, husband and her loving parents in-laws.

She loves the versatility of Sarees and feels it’s an outfit that enhances a woman’s personality.

Swarna strongly feels that a woman is gifted with a lot of qualities. To create, to motivate, and can move mountains if she decides.

Swarna’s message to all women: Be your best. Make people aware of your abilities and Don’t misuse the power that is vested on you.

It’s her attribute of learning consistently that would lead her to success.


Anuradha Mohanty


“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” Harriet Stowe

Anuradha Mohanty 


“My strength lies in my attitude towards life and my never say die approach.”

Anuradha Mohanty. An educator and a single mother. A woman full of zest and oozing confidence in every way. Anuradha’s family consists of her son who is 21, her relatives and a few friends. They are the ones who complete her family and bring love and joy in her life.

Anuradha feels life has always been a challenge. Being a father and a mother to her son, the head of her family and a professional was a task. However, she hasn’t been alone in this journey. Her constant support has been the almighty, who is always been besides her protecting her, guiding her and her siblings, cousins and friends. She feels her greatest challenge is in dealing with 12-16 yrs youth at work since she is an educator. There’s a lot to be learned from them is what she thinks. 

Apart from being this strong, responsible and confident woman she has a fun side to her as well. She is a complete shopaholic. She loves buying Sarees and believes its one attire that suits any profession and any occasion. Anuradha loves music and dancing. She also choreographs and directs plays.   

For her woman are beautiful, graceful, kind and generous.

Anuradha’s message to all women: “You are the past you are the present and you are the Future. March ahead with confidence and certitude.”


Sangeeta Prashar

God will never give you anything you can't handle, so don't stress.
--Kelly Clarkson
A true believer in the power of the almighty, that’s Sangeeta Prashar.
Sangeeta feels that her strength lies in the faith that god is always watching and taking care of her. She works with a private company and simultaneously takes care of her family. Handling work pressure and still preventing that from affecting her family life is a challenge in itself. Work pressure is her biggest challenge and she aptly handles it. Her family comprises of her husband and two kids. Her kids are the ones who fill her life with love and fun. And along with being an Indian woman, comes her loves for Sarees. She feels Sarees make you look beautiful they enhance your appearance. She believes although being emotional, women are strong hearted and can handle any situation with sheer brilliance.

Sangeeta’s message to all women: With faith in your heart, face every challenge and god will protect you throughout.



A Women’s polite devotion is her greatest beauty.

--- African Proverb

Her passion lies in cooking and serving her guest. Originally from Kerala, God’s own country, Surya was born and bought up in Bangalore.

She is a wife, a mother and also a grandmother. Surya’s son and daughter both are married and settled. Her granddaughters are the apple of her eyes. Surya thoroughly enjoys being a homemaker. Married for the last 37 years, she loves being a housewife. Doing the chores that comes with being a housewife completes her. Although she admits it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Be it at home or at work, things aren’t easy for a woman. Life is a challenge to both, a working woman as well a housewife. Surya says, “Your family needs you for everything. They have different likes and dislikes, and being a homemaker or a woman of a family you are expected to understand everyone’s needs and make sure you do your best. Dealing with this is difficult, and over all you love everyone so much that you just can’t afford to upset them.”

Her strength lies in everyone around her. Her parents, husband, children, grandchildren, friends and her Guru’s. They are her blessings she says. Surya is a good listener. She feels it’s a blessing when people come and talk their heart out to you. She tries her best in being there for her people whom she loves and cares about.

For Surya, a woman is a multi-tasker. She gives absolute love and care to her family and all these things make her special.
Sarees are her all-time favourite and she feels the beauty of a woman is enhanced with this lovely attire.

Surya’s message to all women: It’s a man’s world but we are at par with them. We are Strong in Every way & let us stand by the women who are weak and make them realize their potential.





  • I appreciate u all for ya messages.I’ll be more confident and do the best . Thank you all.God bless u all. Happy Mother’s day.

    Posted by Lily Narzary | April 06, 2014
  • This is an absolutely refreshing piece about the women of today. The writer has done a fantastic job.. I think, Mariam is a writer too, and wants to grab the job of this lovely writer.. ;) jokes apart.. Great Post

    Posted by Pranat | March 11, 2014
  • Some very inspirational stories! The English could have been of a better standard. Hopefully it will get better in the future.

    Posted by Mariam | March 08, 2014
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